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February 09, 2016




In the age of Tinder, digital porn, and anti-slut shaming, it’s easy to compartmentalize sex, get off, and move onto the next no-strings-attached adventure.
As a woman, the first time I had casual sex (after my college boyfriend of 3 years), I found it to be liberating AF and was even proud that I could play the “who cares less” game as well as a man could.   
After all, we love cumming as much as the next man.

Fast-forward a decade and we're lucky if a man calls to get to know us and takes us on a proper date.  Instead I hear horror stories from my girlfriends about dick pics, “wanna fuck” sexts, and late night booty calls.

I have to wonder what in society is driving this behavior.. I think it's a combination of things:

Digital Porn.
70% of young men watch porn once a week if not more. They are taught to treat women as sex objects, not human beings with feelings.  In addition, porn offers variety, which can translate into difficulty being monogamous in real life. Sex used to be a scarce experience that men had to to work for. They had to shamefully go to the newsstand to buy a Playboy and then hide in the woods to enjoy it. Now they just google it and get it on their phones for free.
It’s so much easier than actually trying to get women to like them enough to have sex with them.


The same phenomenom that has happened with porn is happening with dating. You can get a penis or vagina ordered to your door. 
 “I hooked up with three girls, thanks to the Internet, off of Tinder, in the course of four nights, and I spent a total of $80 on all three girls,” Nick relays proudly.
“Sex has become so easy,” says John, 26, a marketing executive in New York.
“I can go on my phone right now and no doubt I can find someone I can have sex with this evening, probably before midnight.” – Vanity Fair, August 2015

Cheezburger tinder dating

We are allowing this!  We’ll sext back, send nudes, or
accommodate the booty calls because it's hot and we enjoy sex too!  Call it another sexual revolution because we aren’t ashamed of our sexuality anymore.  We are proud to enjoy getting off as much as our fellow man.  However, we’ve made a once scarce and highly valuable experience for a man, super easy to come by now. Did we lose our upper hand?

If we want men to take us on proper dates, make romantic gestures and actually get to know us, should we collectively (yes it's only going to work if we ALL commit) hold back on the sex until we feel a real meaningful connection??  I’m not sure we are willing to give that up. Maybe depend more on our vibrators until the love happens??? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Please comment below!

In the meantime, I’ve designed a crop top (inspired by vagina art master Georgia O'Keeffe) as an expression of a time in my life when my vagina was a way to communicate true love, you know, like that 90’s R&B kind of love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love Me Inside & Out Crop Top



Cher Park

February 05, 2016


POP ACTIVE - Build-A-Booty - Session 1

Hey guys! It's Cher! The boss betch of POPRAGEOUS!


After a one person twerk sesh in front of my mirror I noticed that my booty could use a little more bounce.. So I decided to have Ass Master Jena Kirmse come in for some quick tutorials to help bring my booty to life! Of course I wanted to share these tips with you guys as well!


So here is our first session with Jena:
My name is Jena and I used to be bootyless...now I'm bootylicious! I, like many of ya'll, wanted more junk in the trunk.. you know what I'm talking about, that look back at it Booty! You too can build a butt to strut in the comfort of your own home by following my
simple, easy and quick booty building routines.

Hope to see your asses soon!!
Ass Master J
Stair-Case Booty Burnout!


**Stair squats up wide squat/center squat to the top**
To switch up your squats and make your workout more challenging use your nearest staircase.  Jump squat onto each step alternating from a wide squat to a feet together knees together closed leg Squat.  Jump all the way up the stair case going from wide to closed leg. Be sure to keep your knees behind the toes, weight in the heels and sink your butt down low! But remember you're on a stair case so really engage your core to focus on your balance so you don't topple backwards!

**Side stair run down/up**

Next run down the stair case side ways and back up to the top keeping your body side ways to the steps (3 times down and up)

**Stair curtsey lunge leg lifts 20/side**

Lastly pick any stair and place your left foot on it, curtsey lunge your right leg down to the stair below squatting down so your knee almost touches that bottom step, now lift your right leg up to balance on just your left leg. Repeat 20 times then switch and repeat on the opposite leg
(This circuit should be repeated at least 3 times)
Cher Park
Jena Kirmse Photos by Ana Ochoa @ShotByAna
To contact Jena about Personal Training you can reach her at:
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