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POP ACTIVE - Build-A-Booty - Session 1

by Ana Ochoa February 05, 2016

POP ACTIVE - Build-A-Booty - Session 1

Hey guys! It's Cher! The boss betch of POP RAGEOUS!


After a one person twerk sesh in front of my mirror I noticed that my booty could use a little more bounce.. So I decided to have Ass Master Jena Kirmse come in for some quick tutorials to help bring my booty to life! Of course I wanted to share these tips with you guys as well!


So here is our first session with Jena:
My name is Jena and I used to be I'm bootylicious! I, like many of ya'll, wanted more junk in the trunk.. you know what I'm talking about, that look back at it Booty! You too can build a butt to strut in the comfort of your own home by following my
simple, easy and quick booty building routines.

Hope to see your asses soon!!
Ass Master J
Stair-Case Booty Burnout!


**Stair squats up wide squat/center squat to the top **
To switch up your squats and make your workout more challenging use your nearest staircase.  Jump squat onto each step alternating from a wide squat to a feet together knees together closed leg Squat.  Jump all the way up the stair case going from wide to closed leg. Be sure to keep your knees behind the toes, weight in the heels and sink your butt down low! But remember you're on a stair case so really engage your core to focus on your balance so you don't topple backwards!

**Side stair run down/up **

Next run down the stair case side ways and back up to the top keeping your body side ways to the steps (3 times down and up)

**Stair curtsey lunge leg lifts 20/side **

Lastly pick any stair and place your left foot on it, curtsey lunge your right leg down to the stair below squatting down so your knee almost touches that bottom step, now lift your right leg up to balance on just your left leg. Repeat 20 times then switch and repeat on the opposite leg
(This circuit should be repeated at least 3 times)
Cher Park
Jena Kirmse Photos by Ana Ochoa @ShotByAna
To contact Jena about Personal Training you can reach her at:
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Ana Ochoa
Ana Ochoa

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