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The Ultimate Tartan Skater Dress

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So, what da fook is a tartan anyway? This is a question that we may have all wondered at one point in time or another. Well today is your luckiest of lucky days, my friend, because it just so happens to be "A BRIEF HISTORY OF TARTAN DAY" here at POPRAGEOUS. I know. I can't believe it either.


In many countries today, the pattern of interlocking stripes called a tartan is often mistakenly known as "plaid"...and as Michael Jackson would say, that's just ignorant. And since being ignorant is for sissies, we we're gonna go ahead and get enlightened. 


So. Plaid. Plaid actually comes from the Gaelic word for blanket, and is specifically used in the context of Highland dress to refer to a large length of material. But SADLY, by some fluke of social propriety, in the real world it has been deemed unacceptable to wear blankets as clothing (we're looking at you Snuggie-clad Walmart shoppers). So instead of committing social suicide by wearing blanket-material, the sad, cold, snuggie-less Scots thought "hey, why don't we create something that's even more badass than plaid AND that will look cute as hell when (in approximately 1700 years) a Los Angeles leggings brand called POPRAGEOUS wants to make a cozy, fashionable, and super wearable Wintery print for their kickass customers?" 


And that's the 100% true, no bullsh*t, story of how the Tartan pattern was born. 


Fun fact: A clan tartan is one that represents your clan. You are part of our clan. Wear these babies and proudly rep the fact that you are one sexy, poprageously awesome babe. And remember, there are a lot of tartans out there, but this is the ULTIMATE tartan. (I'm not lying. Look. It says it in the title.) So get excited for fall (and the holidays) with this cozy lil number :)

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